For the Student Shadow Form, please contact our main office at 801-676-1018.

Financial Request: This is a reimbursement, purchase order, and check request form. Please note: when clicking on Financial Request, you will be downloading an Excel spreadsheet. The web page will come up blank, but the file will download in your browser.

Field Trip Permission and Waiver: When students attend any field trip they need to have parent permission.

Off-Campus Study Agreement: This is for students with any form of release time in their schedule.  Please fill out and return to the front office.

Scheduled Absence Request: Parents may schedule a student’s absence for a period of up to ten school days by filling out the Scheduled Absence Request form and submitting it at least two days before the absence occurs. If the absence is approved by the school, these days will not be included in the absences affecting class credit, or the 10 absences affecting school enrollment. The student is responsible for making arrangements with the mentors and completing the work for his/her classes during this time

Homeschool Portfolio Evaluation: This is a guideline for how to write up home school credit for students that have been home schooled during high school. Students will automatically receive pass or fail grade for portfolios turned in to the counseling department. If you would like a grade, rather than pass or fail you must have a mentor evaluate your work. There is a 50 dollar fee for mentor evaluations. Please contact the counseling office with any questions.

Fundraising Request Form: Parents and students may use this form to request to do fundraising at the school.

Volunteer Background Check: Parents who wish to volunteer at Paradigm when scholars are present must have a background check completed. **NOTE: If you have already had a background check done through another school district, you may qualify to have your background check transferred to Paradigm. The cost is $10.00 to have this process completed. Please contact our main office for more information.

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