Emergency Drills

Paradigm High School has implemented an emergency response plan, which is practiced at the school level during the school year (see below) and is presented and reviewed by its staff, administrators, students, parents, and local safety representatives. This plan includes running several drills throughout the school year – (4) fire drills, (1) earthquake drill, (1) active shooter drill, and (1) gas leak/chemical spill drill; placing evacuation maps and emergency binders (complete with student rosters) in each classroom; emergency supplies placed in each classroom; emergency food storage; and, a reunification site is in place for parents to pick-up their students after an emergency has occurred. Local safety representatives (South Jordan Police and Fire) have been notified of this emergency response plan. 

Download our Active Shooter Emergency Drill

Download our Earthquake Emergency Drill

Download our Fire Emergency Drill

Download our Gas Leak/Chemical Spill Emergency Drill

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